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Samoyed Embroidery

The Samoyed with sled design features green and silver trees, opalescent violet sky, and metallic snow.   Best on dark colors.
Sweatshirt $49 or Denim Jacket Back $80 (men's) or $90 (ladies)

 Adorable Samoyed Puppies Sitting on Decorative Gold Metallic: Sweatshirt: $49

Laying on Gold Metallic, Sweatshirt: $49

Samoyed Gaiting on Silver Swarovski Crystal Design: Sweatshirt $49
Portrait with Swarovski Crystals, Ladies' Interlock Tee: $

Wreck the Halls design with one Sammy puppy, Sweatshirt: $35

Christmas Designs with Gold and Green Metallic Thread
Sweatshirt: $49

Single Puppy on a Red Tee:



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