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3 Borzoi puppies, sweatshirt $49

Borzoi puppy, ladies tee $44

Borzoi puppy, sweatshirt $44, ladies tee $44

Borzoi Puppies.  Larger designs are available only for sweatshirts or jacket backs.

Borzoi Embroidery

3 Borzoi heads, sweatshirt $53, denim jacket back $80 (men's, $90 ladies

Borzoi Elegance, sweatshirt $49

Borzoi laying on swirl, sweatshirt $53

Born to Run or Designed to Run, ladies tee $42

These Colors Run, sweatshirts $53

Borzoi Head Designs, sweatshirts $45, ladies tees $42

Borzoi Body Designs