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Blenheim Cavalier 1

Blenheim Cavalier 2

Ruby Cavalier

Black and Tan Cavalier

Tri Color Cavalier 1

Tri Color Cavalier 2

Tri Color Cavalier 2

Cavalier head studies.  Sweatshirts $46, ladies tees $44 (add $8 for crystals)

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Embroidery

Blenheim Cavalier sitting, sweatshirt $53 (includes Swarovski crystal butterflfy)

Cavalier with scroll initial, Blenheim or Tri, sweatshirts $40

Gold Cavalier 1

Sweatshirt $40

Gold Cavalier gaiting

Sweatshirt $35

Gold Cavalier profile

ladies tee, polo, or denim $32

Gold metallic designs