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1a red or tri body, small, $40

2b Corgi head scroll $40

5 Corgi headstydy, $45

2 small Corgi head, $35

6 small rht Corgi body, $40

Corgi designs suitable for ladies tees and denim shirts

1_head scroll

Five Corgi puppies, all red or 3 red and 2 rht, sweatshirt $55

Two feather puppies, sweatshirt $40

Puppy 3on word, tri or red $40

Puppy 1 leaning over word, $40

Puppies from the Five Puppy design sized for ladies' tees or denim shirt fronts

Puppy 2, butterflies or feather, $38

Puppy 4 feather, $38

8 Star Corgi puppies, sweatshirt $48

8a and 8b Star Corgi puppy standing on word,

8a Ladies tee or denim $38

8b Ladies tee with butterflies $42

8c Ladies tee $42

9c Two Fairy puppies, butterfly or feather, ladies tee or denim $45

9 Three Corgi puppies with fairy, sweatshirt $48`

9a Two Corgi fairy  puppies with feathers, sweatshirt $40

10 Three Corgi puppies on word, sweatshirt $55

10a Three red Corgi puppies

10b One tri and two red Corgi puppies

10c Tri, rht and red  Corgi puppies

10d Puppy 1 on word, red or rht

ladies tee or denim $44

10e puppy 2 on word, red or rht,

ladies tee or denim shirt $40

10f Corgi puppy in gold frame, red or rht

ladies tee $49

Corgi Puppy Embroidery

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Embroidery

1 red or rht body with scroll, sweatshirt $45

2 full body meadow, $48

3 Pembroke Welsh Corgi heads, sweatshirt $55

4 full body red  or rht with sheep, sweatshirt $47

3 Two red adults with either butterflies or gold fairy, sweatshirt $50

2 full body meadow, $45

Corgi designs suitable for sweatshirts or jacket backs.

3a red butt body with fairy,

or crystal sweatshirt $40

Corgi and puppy, fancy script, sweatshirt $48

6 Corgi standing snowflakes,sweatshirt $45

Head studies, sweatshirt $48

5a red head flowers

5b red head scroll

5c rht


Corgi agility, red or rht, sweatshirt $$0

Holiday , Been Good or Wreck the Halls, sweatshirt $48