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I have received numerous requests from people who are interested in buying our designs.  I'm sorry, but we don't sell designs.  We sell embroidered apparel and accessories.  Here's why:


  • I have agreements with artists and photographers whose images I license.  Many of these talented people have specified that I not sell the designs based on their work.


  • Most of my designs include decorative accents and background pieces (flowers, swirls, sheep) that I have bought and cannot sell.


  • The designs are not digitized for resale and there may be unnecessary trims that I haven't fixed, so they're not completely tested and debugged.


  • The most important reason (to me) is the selection of the right thread color that makes or breaks a design. I own just about every gray and brown/tan/mahogany thread, and the difference between subtle shades is mind boggling. I will frequently stitch out a design a dozen times to get the right combination with adequate contrast and tonal values, and the thread brands I use are not available in local sewing retail stores.


I hope you understand, and thanks for the compliments that always accompany the requests!